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Anger Management



   Dr. Ruby V. Kennedy is the Director and lead training coach of DBradford Solutions (DBS),  specializing in the area of Anger Management. She is a life-long resident of Los Angeles, California currently a keynote speaker and trainer across the country at luncheons and forums focusing on encouraging teens and adults in deepening their life skills.  She traveled extensively throughout Malaysia, the Philippines, China and Canada with a focus to snare and advise issues concerning the youth in the community at large.  She is a manager with 40 years of experience in Human Relations, dealing mostly with negative behavior, promoting positive “people skills.” She is committed to helping one succeed by providing them with a simple technique for self-improvement and self-growth for life.

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 Victoria Moore is experienced in the hospitality of office etiquette; she aids the Director and staff by coordinating office services, such as personnel, budget preparation, and control, housekeeping, records control.  Also, she organizes general operation of projects through in-person and telephone interactions. She is a college graduate in the area of psychology (Human Services).


DBradford Staff

Our staff is made up of contracted certified facilitators/consultants; They're experienced from a new interim to a 30 year veteran in the field, of "Anger Management."  Generals they are called.  All facilitators that we use are trained and certified by Anderson and Anderson, Inc., George Anderson, the guru of Anger Management. Our staff is committed to assisting you to succeed by providing you with a premier solution for personal growth.