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Anger Management

08-22-2014 7:30:02 AM CST


08-22-2014 7:25:59 AM CST


Customers, we provided you all the tools needed to use new anger management techniques. Start here and blog your training experience.  Also connect with Facebook, share your posts with tons of social networks.  Most of all refer customers.  Thanks you for your business, you’ve been great.



12-25-2013 5:08:14 AM CST


Dear Customer,


Thank you for utilizing our services it is truly our pleasure to provide excellent service. We value your patronage, and it is very important to us that your training was beneficial.  It would be appreciated if you would blog your experience of our service.




Ruby Kennedy


Ruby Kennedy, Director

2325 Rosecrans Ave.

Gardena, CA,  90249

Office: (310) 413-1261